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Judit Mrs. Judit Zentai

From 2000, she has served as the head of the advisory board,  and has faithfully supported the work of Éva and Kornél.

She holds in high regard, the mutual care one for another, and she serves the team well, in this regard.







Mrs. Éva Szilágyi Eva

Éva is a founder with her husband, of the Way of Hope Foundation. She is a member of the advisory board.

Her field of responsibility is the maintenance of relationships with national and international partners. 

Phone : +36 20 886 81 95



Kornél SzilágyiKornel

He is the foundation's director. Until 1996, he served as the director and program leader for the camps. Since 1996 he has directed the work with the Kid's Line ministry, and as editor of the Kid's Club magazine.

Currently, he remains in the midst of the children's home ministry, the preparation of the magazine, the administration, as well as serving as director of the camps.





Bill OsbornBill

Bill is the chairman of the board of the Way of Hope Foundation. He has served in Hungary as a misisonary since 2003, and has ministered in varoius churches around the country. In addition to his duties on the board, Bill also leads one of the camps in the UK each year, as well as teaching English in the camp. He also assists in the development and maintenance of the Way of Hope web site.




Mrs. Ruth Szilágyi Ruth

Since March 2009, Ruth has worked at the Way of Hope Foundation. Her work involves staying in contact with the children and colleages, as well as serving in the children's homes and camps. She also helps with the administration and donated clothing, and the distribution of other donated items to appropriate locations.